Please tell me this First Order destroyer will have a Lego set

Force Friday II is right around the corner, and that means the potential for new Lego sets in time for the holiday season.

We’re just days away from one of the biggest retail days of the year. It doesn’t come every year like Black Friday, but Force Friday is just as big of a deal. Back in 2015, all of the merchandise or The Force Awakens was released on the same day and Star Wars fans lost their minds.

The release of The Last Jedi in December has everyone buzzing again about the newest toys and collectibles, some of which could hint at new Lego sets. With new vehicles and characters comes the need (or desire) for new sets — one of which could be massive.

Lego is slated to release its biggest Lego set to date on October 1st. Already it has been confirmed that it’s a Star Wars set and all signs point towards it being an updated version of the Ultimate Collectors Set for the Millennium Falcon. But what if it’s another set entirely?

Chances are — and leaks have basically confirmed — that the UCS Millennium Falcon is coming. Among the leaks of new products for Force Friday is a new Star Destroyer for the First Order that seems ripe for a Lego set to accompany its reveal.

Here’s the leak, which shows a very different looking Star Destroyer than we’re used to seeing.

Of course, this is Kylo Ren’s main Star Destroyer, mirroring how Darth Vader had The Executioner in the original trilogy.

Some people have knocked the design as being less Jabba That Hutt and more Pizza Hut, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s coming. If this is the new look fleet for the First Order, then this set is going to get a Lego counterpart.

Forgive me if it has already leaked that these Lego sets are coming. Either way, we seem to be in for some awesome additions to the Lego family and there’s no reason to be anything other than stoked about that.