We might be getting new Harry Potter Lego sets in 2018?

It’s been a minute, but it sounds like Harry Potter Lego sets are going to be a part of our lives once again in 2018.

Star Wars has cornered the market on Lego hype, but don’t sleep on the power of Harry Potter. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a Wizardly Lego set and the wait could be soon over.

Take this all with a grain of salt, but a Eurobricks thread seems to suggest that Harry Potter Lego sets will make a return in 2018.

While the information isn’t confirmed, signs are pointing towards a collector’s set for Harry Potter being released in September of next year. Something that helps this rumor is that unlike the previous two years, we won’t have a Star Wars film hitting theaters in December 2018. That means a lack of new Star Wars Lego sets and opens up a hole that can be filled with a Harry Potter set.

Hammering home the idea that we could be getting Harry Potter sets next September is the fact that the Fantastic Beasts sequel is slated to hit theaters two months later.

Like it did with Star Wars, Lego would be wise to start making its Harry Potter sets prestigious. Not every set attached to The Last Jedi or even Rogue One was must-have material, but the company is starting to roll out adult-only sets that should be killer. Specifically, the rumored Ultimate Collector’s Set for the Millennium Falcon is an example of something Lego can do with something like Hogwarts or another giant Harry Potter UCS.

Obviously we’re going to see Fantastic Beasts sets hit the market but the idea that we could be getting more (and new) Harry Potter sets is beyond amazing. Not only will we be getting sets to collect, but we get to indulge in speculation of what those sets will be.

Fun times indeed!