Lego says the UCS Millennium Falcon is so big it needs wheels

Lego continues to tease its gigantic Star Wars set, which will be released on October 1st and require a small cart to transport home.

Force Friday II is just days away, but Lego is reserving October 1 as a de facto consultation day. While there will be Star Wars Legos released this Friday, the biggest set ever won’t hit until a month later — and Lego is really selling how large this set will be .

Already we have an idea of what the set is. Nothing is confirmed but all signs point towards Lego’s largest set ever being a giant Ultimate Collector’s Set of the Millennium Falcon. Even if that surprise is ruined for you, the sheer size of it is a mystery that Lego is pushing to the brink.

Lego not only teased the size of the set but went as far as to say anyone who buys it will need a set of wheels to move it around.

That’s a big time tease about just how massive this set will be. The Death Star was a giant set but not the set with the most pieces. The original Millennium Falcon set had more pieces (5,195 to be exact) and the brick count will exceed the 5,900 mark that was roughly set by the Taj Mahal.

Could this be a 10,000 brick set? It sounds unreal but if we need a dolly to move the box that it comes in, that count almost seems small.

The standard Lego brick weighs about 1.152kg, which is 0.002 pounds. That would mean at the minimum a 10,000 brick set would weight 20 pounds in the box, which seems about right for needing the use of a dolly.

Regardless of whether or not we know what the giant set will be, it’s clear that the mystery and intrigue remain as far as the scope of the set. It’s going to be giant, and Lego is not laying off the gas as far as preparing us for what we will see in October.