Run, don’t walk, to get this free* Star Wars Lego minifigure

If you’re planning on shopping this Force Friday, then spending at least some of your money at Toys R Us might be a solid option.

You might have to pick sides this Force Friday, as Toys R Us is coming for your money. All major retailers will be carrying merch for The Last Jedi for the first time on September 1, a date dubbed Force Friday II after 2015’s original Force Friday. The schtick here is that it’s the first date that merchandise for the upcoming Star Wars saga film is made available to the public.

So think Black Friday if everything was Star Wars and nothing was on sale.

Toys R Us isn’t running a promotion directly tied to Force Friday but it’s one that happens to overlap. The chain is giving away a free R3-M2 minifigure to everyone that spends more than $30 at a store.

You can check out an image of the minifigure here.

For those who think that I misspelled R2-D2, this droid isn’t an original trilogy character. Well, it is a little bit. R2-M3 is from Rogue One, which places its character at the heart of the OT era but not in the original films.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and get one.

These Minifigures have been sort of a thing lately, with a ton of Rogue One characters getting featured in the year since the film hit theaters. The Scariff Stormtrooper was recently part of a promotion and became something that all Lego Star Wars fans wanted to get their hands on.

What makes this even better — and perhaps easier — is that there’s a good chance almost everyone is going to spend more than $30 during Force Friday II. That means you should probably do at least that much of your shopping there to collect on this cool promotion.

If you don’t, then starting September 3 the minifigure will be available for purchase for the price of $5.99.