Someone made a life-size Joel Embiid Lego statue (Photo)


Joel Embiid is already a legend in Philadelphia, and basketball fans are paying tribute with Lego.

There is a lot of hope this year that the Philadelphia 76ers can finally see the process through to its conclusion. The team has been terrible for longer than anyone can remember, but in the process has compiled a handful of top picks and lottery picks that seem to suggest the future is bright.

The very epitome of what the Sixers are is Joel Embiid. He has barely played since being drafted butt has the potential to be very special if he can pan out and stay healthy. Embiid is also a social media G.O.A.T., and has won over scores of fans as the ambassador of all things fun.

Fans have had no problem paying Embiid the love back, and they’ve been doing so in strange ways. Look no further than the this Lego statue that has been erected in his honor.

Just check this out and try to not be impressed:

"I made a 7 ft tall LEGO sculpture of Joel Embiid! from lego"

This isn’t just a bust or some sort of small tribute. It’s a full-fledged, life sized statue of the Sixers legend.

Embiid has clearly carved out a place for himself in Philly, but now comes the part where he needs to back it up. There’s an argument to be made that even if he never hits the court with any sort of consistency, his legend status with Sixers fans is untouchable.

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I mean, he already has a statue — and it’s made out of Lego. This is about as perfect Sixers as it gets and we’re all in now on our new favorite basketball team.