The opening scene of ‘It’ remade with Lego is nightmare fuel (Video)

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There’s no denying that ‘It’ is one of the scariest movies ever, but adding on a Lego twist is nightmare fuel you didn’t know you needed.

It’s hard to make a horror movie that not only stands out but also connects with a wide audience. Horror fans will latch onto just about anything, but the mark of a truly special horror film lies in how quickly and deeply it connects with the mainstream.

It has been able to do that brilliantly, and inexplicably. It’s a remake of a miniseries based off of a book — which is about as hard a combination to nail as you can find. But here we are, a few weeks after a record-breaking release, and the film is still an internet meme.

That’s special.

The final mark to know that you’ve made it is to get Lego-ized. Let it sink in for a moment that It, which is an R-rated horror movie, has been given the Lego treatment. If that’s not making it than nothing is.

Just watch:

That’s nightmare fuel. To be fair, the first scene of It is nightmare fuel on its own, but there’s something about adding in the Lego element that makes this even more terrifying. The innocence of Lego is embedded in our minds to begin with, so toying with that by putting it against the backdrop of something as terrifying as It is a recipe for success.

Well, assuming your form of success is to make sure no one ever gets a full night of sleep ever again.

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