Lego Star Wars parody might be the funniest thing you see all day (Video)


You are one with this Star Wars Lego parody, and it is one with you.

Anyone who saw the Star Wars anthology film Rogue One knows that it’s an experience that will likely break you emotionally. Given the world that we live in, depressing things aren’t really something we seek out actively.

Never fear, a Lego Star Wars parody is here. Rogue One’s Chirrut was everyone’s favorite blind Star Wars character, and someone included him in a hilarious spoof video that is sure to cheer you up today.

The premise is simple: Chirrut is just trying to have a normal day when he’s all of a sudden in the middle of killing a bunch of stormtroopers.

First of all, it’s probably one of the most well-made parodies we’ve ever seen. People put these sorts of videos together all the time, which can have the negative effect of making them feel turn of the mill.

But what makes this special is the plot. It’s like a little comedy skit that breaks rank from the traditional Star Wars clips like this that are more concerned with honoring the original of whatever the clip is about. Those video are cool, but this one just adds a little extra.

There’s even a cameo by Boba Fett, making this the first (unofficial) time he shows up in the new canon.

Frankly, we need more videos like this, where a bunch of Star Wars fans just cut loose and have a good time with a funny premise. After all, that’s what being a fan of something is all about.