All of the Star Wars The Last Jedi Lego sets we saw in the last trailer


The world is buzzing after the release of the last Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer, but how many Lego sets did we see in action?

Look, everyone is trying to do posts that somehow connect to the Star Wars trailer that dropped on Monday Night. It reminds me of when Prince died and everyone had something connecting him to just about everything. So I can see where you might be apprehensive and go ‘oh my god there were no Legos in the trailer’, but you’d be wrong.

For starters, it’s Lego — no ‘s’. Secondly, one of the best parts about The Last Jedi has been collecting all of the new Lego sets that have been released. They’re cool on the surface in that we have new Lego to build, but we want context for these sets as much as we want to just outright own them.

The release of the final The Last Jedi trailer provided us with that context. It was the first trailer we saw in the “post-Force Friday II” world, which means it’s the first time we’re seeing new shots of a lot of the Lego sets we purchased.

A few of those sets stood out. The most obvious of which was Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter.

We also saw the Tie Fighter Unit that is featured in a set as well:

Here are the new Walkers that were a hot commodity when they were released:

We had already been given a glimpse at them in the very first trailer for The Last Jedi, this just served as another angle.

Of course, there’s also Porgs. The only Porg Lego set out there is the UCS Millenium Falcon, but there’s never a bad excuse to look at them:

We’re sure to see more sets in action in the lead up to the release of The Last Jedi. TV Spots will surely give us more insight not only to the movie’s plot but to how the Lego sets we’ve already come to know and love factor into the story.

Star Wars The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.