Someone re-created the throne scene from The Last Jedi with Lego (Video)

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Someone re-created the Throne Room scene from The Last Jedi with Lego, and it’s even cooler than the real thing.

A lot has been said about Star Wars The Last Jedi, but no matter who you are we all have our favorite moments in the film. For some, that moment is universally the same — and we’re going to talk about it below.

On the off chance that you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, we’re going to issue a spoiler warning here to ensure you don’t get anything ruined.

Alright here we go.

Somewhere near the end of the film, Rey is taken to Supreme Leader Snoke’s throne room where he interrogates her. In the process of trying to extract information out of her, Kylo Ren makes the executive decision to kill off his master and assume his position as the supreme leader of the galaxy. It’s Kylo going to a level that his grandfather never got to.

That was the moment of shock — Kylo killing off Snoke. What came after was a team-up moment that we didn’t know we’d get and enjoyed every second of. After killing Snoke, Kylo and Rey battle the royal guards in an epic fight scene that is way up there on the list of awesome moments in Star Wars history.

The scene re-created in Lego is something you simply need to see.

If you already thought that scene was awesome, it just got even better.

Things being re-created in Lego is a pretty common thing, and it’s only a matter of time before something really cool gets the full Lego treatment. Whether it was It or this, the Lego tribute to some cool pop culture moment is always just right around the corner.