Should Lego pursue a Harry Potter advent calendar? We vote yes!

LEGO has done many things in the past and now, fans are hoping that LEGO will create a Harry Potter inspired advent calendar for the holidays.

Harry Potter was a massive hit in both book format and the eight movies that subsequently came years after the books were released. Fans loved following Harry, Ron, and Hermoine on their adventures to find the answer to bring down Voldemort and bring peace to Hogwarts.

Even though it has been years since the Harry Potter franchise came to an end, the story continues to bring joy to families and fans. New readers enjoy Harry Potter as much as older readers and LEGO has taken advantage of this, creating projects for fans to create.

Now, fans have plenty of ideas on how to create something for Harry fans. One fan suggested that LEGO should create an advent calendar using Potter projects.

In case you don’t know what advent is, it’s essentially a countdown to Christmas, counted every Sunday. In religion, it’s the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. The last Sunday often falls before Christmas or on December 24.

For people who celebrate advent may count down using gifts for children or even put something in the Christmas stocking. A Harry Potter advent calendar from LEGO is perfect for Lego fans because they can create this project as a countdown to Christmas day, where they may get even more LEGO projects. And we’d like to hear from you. If LEGO was to create such a calendar, what Harry-inspired scenes or character would you want to create?

Would you want to create a Harry Potter project every Sunday for an advent calendar for December 2018?