This LEGO piano may just blow your build-bricks mind

LEGO can be used for many things, but a LEGO piano was recently created and shared online. And there’s a reason why it’s being talked about.

Sometimes, we stumble upon projects that are just out of this world amazing. People have such creative ideas when it comes to LEGO and we love seeing them all. While the company creates beautiful projects that we can put together with a guide, the bricks also allow us to do whatever we want.

Sometimes, we see some amazing projects and every time, we think we have seen the best possible. But then we stumbled upon this beautiful piano, created with black, gold, and silver bricks. The amazing part is that it works and has 25 working keys. The keys are connected to a recreation of the string mechanism inside of the real thing.

This amazing piece of scale engineering uses 2,798 real LEGO pieces and is modeled on a Concert Grand Piano. It was created by a person who goes by the name SleepyCow online. The person must know how a working piano is assembled to create this amazing piece.

This kind of project is perfect for Lego fans who really enjoy major challenges. As we pointed out before, the piano is almost 3,000 pieces and one can imagine it would take a long time to create. Plus, the majority of it is black, so finding the right pieces may also be a challenge. However, if you want this project, all you have to do is reach out to LEGO and let them know that they need to put this together as soon as possible. Who wouldn’t want this for Christmas?

Would you want to create this beauty and who would you want to create it with?