Can LEGO really replace yoga for people dealing with stress?

Photo Credit: HER Children UNICEF Event/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: HER Children UNICEF Event/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

Can LEGO really replace yoga and other forms of workouts that adults do to live stress-free lives? The company wants you to think so.

It’s no secret that children and adults all love to play with LEGO. Many do it for the creativity and others do it because they enjoy it. However, the company wants you to play with the building blocks because it may just lower your stress levels. The company has been trying to get more adults to play with LEGO because they feel that the building blocks can truly influence your overall health.

In fact, the company has even released LEGO sets designed just for adults, focusing on adult themes and knowledge, including a skeleton. The new health campaign even has a trendy new saying.

“Need an escape? Building with Lego bricks reduces stress and improves your well-being. It’s zen, in the shape of a brick.”

The company is entering what is being called the “kidult” market, which creates toys for adults to help them focus on something other than their busy lifestyle. The sales of toys to adults up 65% last year compared with 2012.

The company is hoping to compete with adult puzzles and the adult coloring books that have been sweeping the nation in terms of dealing with stress issues.

Earlier this year, the company released a fish “skeleton” and customise it with a skin which can be coloured in as part of their adult campaign.

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This kind of project is perfect for LEGO fans, especially those adults who may struggle in figuring out how to balance their life activities. While some people will question whether this truly works, others swear by it. There’s nothing like disconnecting a bit from real life and focusing on some creative down time.

Would you consider getting an adult set to deal with your stress?