When should you get LEGO DUPLO for your children? Is 18 months too young?

Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

LEGO DUPLO comes in a variety of products and age groups, starting at 18 months. But is that too young for some people?

LEGO DUPLO is a line of building blocks for children. It’s not a new line and the product has been available for years, encouraging young children to start with the building blocks at a young age. The reason for the larger blocks may be obvious, as the smaller blocks are choking hazards for young children.

However, LEGO DUPLO also allows children to stack the building blocks without them falling apart. It will help their mobility skills and the colors a bit more kid-friendly with fun tones, such as green, purple, pink and blue.

But as you are browsing through various product series to find the perfect LEGO DUPLO, you may be wondering if children can actually play with these building blocks. The answer is yes, but children may be curious about the blocks at different ages.

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While LEGO fans may be eager to introduce DUPLO bricks to their children at an early age, it seems that children will start enjoying DUPLO at around 18 months to 24 months. However, they may have a hard time stacking them before that. Others will be able to stack them, but if the children are teething, it may be more fun to simply bite on the bricks.

The only advice we can give is that it’s a good idea to introduce the products to your kids without thinking so much about using the DUPLO pieces for building. As your child develops, they will learn how to use the bricks.

When did you first introduce LEGO DUPLO to your kids or loved ones? When did your children start playing with the building blocks and have fun with them?