Midterm elections and LEGO: How one person used LEGO to encourage votes

Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

It was a big night in the United States on Tuesday night, as the midterm elections took place. And one person used LEGO to reveal personal feelings.

While LEGO, the Danish company out of Billund, may not be interested in the midterm elections that took place in the United States or care about American politics at all, it’s interesting how some people are using the little figurines to create some amazing messages for the younger generations.

It’s no secret that politics is a sensitive subject these days in the United States, as it has become a huge issue. People are divided like never before and people are often attacked or judged because of their political views.

And that’s where LEGO has come in. Not only is it something that people can relate to, but people are also using the building blocks to encourage votes. Some are even using them in a hilarious fashion, like one person on Twitter, saying that if people don’t vote tomorrow, the person hoped they would step on a LEGO piece.


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Of course, the election results weren’t quite what the Democrats had hoped, so there’s a chance that people will end up voting once again in the upcoming Presidential election, where Donald Trump’s reign as President may come to an end. People are super creative in how they use their LEGO pieces, and some could already be thinking about Christmas ideas that could serve in the election in two years, which falls just before Christmas.

What do you think about people using LEGOs to encourage votes, but also to spread the idea that not voting could result in something painful?