Create The Big Bang Theory living room in LEGO

Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO bricks/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

The Big Bang Theory has been a hugely successful show on television for years, and now you can bring the gang home with you in LEGO form.

When LEGO fans get creative, they go all out. We’ve seen some amazing pieces and creations here at Bricks Are Awesome, and there’s nothing more phenomenal than pieces created with great ideas and mainstream references.

That’s why we just had to share this amazing The Big Bang Theory set. There are 484 pieces in the set and it’s designed for creators aged 12 years and up. That makes sense, since The Big Bang Theory may not be watched by a younger audience.

While the show is indeed ending this year after many seasons on the small screen, it’s amazing that you can now bring the set home with you. Plus, you can keep it as it may become a valuable item in the future. Imagine what a LEGO set from the Cheers days or Full House would be worth today.

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And that brings us to our next point: doing more mainstream sets. It’s no secret that fans of these shows really do love them and would probably buy the sets. Plus, if LEGO did more shows, it’s possible that everyone would get them. We can see Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds – the list goes on. They could also create some Bravo shows from the iconic The Real Housewives series, or even Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis’ properties never quite being done.

What do you think of LEGO’s creation of The Big Bang Theory? Do you think the company should create some more iconic television shows for hardcore fans and collectors? And which show would you buy?