A bookshelf made out of LEGOs? Why not? Check out this project

Photo Credit: Hungary Factory Sorting/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: Hungary Factory Sorting/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

People are going beyond the LEGO packages and they are creating some amazing projects that just have to be shared with the world.

Sometimes, we are advised of some amazing LEGO creations that are truly out of this world. Sometimes, it’s a large animal, a neat creation for an animal in need, and sometimes, it’s a regular every-day item that has just been made better with the building blocks.

And this is exactly what this feature is all about. Last week, we stumbled upon a creation that we just had to share with everyone. It’s a bookshelf for the home, a truly unique idea that can’t be beaten. We all use bookshelves in the home and if your spouse is trying to remove all of your LEGO pieces, this is an amazing creation that he or she can only be happy about.

You can check out the bookshelf by clicking on this link. We are unable to embed the tweet due to legal reasons, but we suggest you click through to see the amazing creation for yourself.

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Of course, we’d be curious to see some other amazing creations that LEGO fans can create. Some people find it better to work from a box set, while others truly love the creative process of creating something from nothing. This is the kind of project we love because you can really be inspired by everything they create.

Having all of the options in the world also makes it harder to determine what you’d like to create. LEGO has created a tremendous amount of pieces throughout the years, all with different purposes. It’s truly amazing to see what people can come up with.

What would you create for the home if you had all the LEGO pieces available?