Is LEGO behind when it comes to skin tones on their bricks?

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LEGO always used to have yellow faces and pieces for their characters. However, now it seems that people have a problem with the skin tones.

LEGO has always been known as the iconic yellow face stemming back from the 1970s. Back then, the pieces didn’t even have a face and it wasn’t until years later that the smiley face was introduced. However, since the company was known for the yellow pieces, no one really associated it with a particular skin color.

Over the years, the issues of skin colors, discrimination and racism have been brought to the forefront and now the yellow pieces don’t seem so innocent anymore. While LEGO has tried to introduce new skin tones to suit a larger audience, the company still appear to be lacking in some instances.

For example, one user questioned why the company only had one set of African Americans on their website and suggested that it may be time to update their LEGO skin tones. Since the company is trying out different shades for skin colors and making their figures more realistic, they should also design their figures to mirror real life.

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If you are looking for a Christmas idea, you may find yourself stuck if you are looking for African American designs on their website. It’s apparently a limited selection for reasons we do not know. One can hope that the company has plans to expand their current line of skin tones to suit everyone in their target audience if they are planning on creating figurines more in tune with real life.

What do you think about LEGO’s current selection of skin colors? Do you think they need to think about everyone when designing new products?