Does LEGO need to expand their DUPLO products to include more diversity?

Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library
Photo Credit: LEGO DUPLO/The LEGO Group Image Acquired from LEGO Media Library /

LEGO DUPLO is a series of building blocks that are larger to target a much younger audience. But is it limited in its diversity range?

Even though we love LEGO, we understand that some people aren’t happy with the limited products available in certain series. While some people complain about older sets not being available, we have to admit that we understand the frustration. At the same time, we understand the company’s need to bring something new and excited to the market, especially to the growing audience.

However, we do understand users’ frustrations when it comes to the availability of products that carry certain skin colors or tones. We see it again and again with people writing to LEGO online, asking why there isn’t more variety in the products.

One example can be seen in the tweet we’ve linked to, talking about the availability of LEGO DUPLO products.  Here, the person is asking why LEGO doesn’t have more products available for people of color and why these products are called “World People.”

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After browsing through the DUPLO product catalog, we can confirm that it appears to be true. There are limited characters available with darker skin color. This is obviously something that fans are noticing as they would like more availability in the product selection, especially in the DUPLO line.

We totally understand the frustration and believe that the DUPLO line is the perfect place to introduce these new products since children can learn about the different colors of the world. It’s also important to teach acceptance and we are all for introducing these kinds of products to the DUPLO line. We can only hope LEGO is listening to its customers about this issue.

What do you think about the availability of these products? Do you think the company needs to expand the current product line?