LEGO Weekend House set is a major throwback to the beginning

People are often looking back at older sets with happiness and nostalgia. Here’s a major throwback to a set called The Weekend House.

There’s nothing better than finding an old LEGO set, whether it’d be at home, at the store, or online. There are so many nostalgic memories associated with old sets that we can’t help but be excited about it. We also love it when people share their memories online, especially really old sets.

And that’s exactly what happened this past week when someone decided to share the LEGO Weekend House. This amazing house is a true throwback to one of the very first LEGO sets. The weekend house is created from the amazing weekend or summer houses in Denmark with the spirits of Europe, bikes, and flippable windows.

You can see it here as we are unable to embed the tweet due to legal reasons. If you have never seen this set before, this is the kind of set that you’d often see back in Denmark when the products were first launched. It replicated real life.

Fans who have collected LEGO sets for a long may recognize this set. You’d probably be able to find some sets available online, but you may also have to visit LEGO’s own vault in Denmark as this set goes back many years.

What do you think about The Weekend House set? Would you like this for your collection, as it has become a true vintage piece?