Do you speak LEGO? Get the lingo knowledge here!

Do you speak LEGO? Well, as it turns out, there’s some LEGO lingo that you just have to now to understand the ultimate LEGO users.

Sure, you know what a yellow brick is, and head, and a plate. But do you know real LEGO lingo? Well, apparently, the company has its own lingo that only hardcore builders know. They are indeed acronyms for something else, and we are convinced that these are just fun ones that the company has made up for the sake of marketing something new.

But we couldn’t help by try and guess some of them. And that caused us to think about what other LEGO users could create. So, below, we invite you to come up with your own.


We’ve gathered a few of the LEGO lingos below, but we are sure you can come up with some amazing new ones. Below, you’ll find some from our beloved personalities in the industry. In case you can’t see them, we’ve written them out below.

AFOL – adult fans of LEGO

MOC – my own creation

SNOT – studs not on top

POOP – piece out of pieces

CHEESE SLOPE – a triangular piece of LEGO that could look like a block of cheese

JUMPER PLATE – two pieces of flat LEGO that fit together

Of course, these are just some hilarious statements that the company has thought of. We mean, snot and poop? Not exactly professional. We can’t help but think that some people created this lingo from words that they knew would work with the younger audience – and not the other way around. Perhaps create your own list of lingos and give it as a Christmas gift in a frame to a true LEGO lover. Who wouldn’t want the secret language in a frame?

What do you think about LEGO’s lingo? Have you ever heard about this before?